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Just a badly made game

The controls are horrible, you lose a lot of time watching your ball falling instead of actually playing. Flappy bird has more challenge to it.


The worst game I ever played! Dont waste your time with it!


Just... Perfect. Its super hard, but once you get how it works, you get addicted! I cant stop playing. One of the best games Ive ever played!

Horrible digital controls

The game doesnt use the gyroscope in the iPhone. Instead, it uses digital controles which are horrible in this game. I played for 10 minutes and was already bored and angered with those and controls. Its a disappointment.


Its to hard that you play just a few seconds and die

Very crazy

Amazing game. Electronic music in the background, perfect. Simply simulates the sensations during an electronic music festival.

Too hard

Impossible to play, way too hard!

Should have trusted the bad reviews

Impossible road is right, the ball blocks the view of the entire track, pretty ridiculous.

Should have trusted the bad reviews

This game isn’t worth a penny. Don’t buy it. The ball blocks the view of the entire track. I’m so regretful for buying it, and I grabbed it if it was on sale. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t download it for free. How did this make it as an “Essential” game? Whoever decided that probably had a lobotomy.


One of my favourite games of all time. Great for when you need a quick time waster.

Poorly designed difficulty curve

Yeah, I know that "impossible" is in the title, but at least give me 30 seconds of getting a feel for the controls before I get sent careening off the track.

Waste of money

Guy San do not buy this game. This game is so bad and a waste of money. It is so boring and it is really hard. So never buy this game. Do not.


This app is literally the "impossible road" bc its impossible to play. Horrible conrtols and bad gameplay. I dont recommend wasting ur money on this app

worst game ever

Doesnt worth 1 cent

Good game!

Cool, and different game. Its a time burner and it is fun in the process. Definitely a good buy!

Needs different ball/player options

Tried it, deleted it. The ball is too big and white. In night mode its better but too big and dark. Add some alternate ball options that are varied in appearance and size and Ill redownload. Thanks

Dont buy

The controls are horrible. I thought I could get use to it but nope. I feel like they are either way to fast and precise or its like turning a bowling ball in went cement. Hard to see the track, a translucent ball or making the ball smaller would be nice, and just having the ball zoom in on the screen like that, horrible. It fills 80% of that screen and you cant see a thing. The tracks themselves, Im sure you were going for some sort of random track system but when its so bouncy and you fly off the edges even holding that button, and you are flying down and you cant catch up to the track... just horrible. Im glad I didnt buy this and I am not recommending to anyone.

Even when free game aint fun

That is all

Restart restart restart

Start game, 0 points over Restart, 0 points over Restart, roll 1 point over Restart roll off track, bounce bounce 50 points over 50/0 - best rolling off track simulator

Got it for free

Still deleted it within a day

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